Custom Photoshop Textures are High-Res, Seamless Textures that are used with Photoshop, Elements and PaintShopPro’s Texturizer Filter. Textures can be used to add texture to grunge backgrounds, add paper texture to mats and sketch backgrounds, add brush textures or a cracked aged look to paintings. To use the Texturizer Filter in Photoshop, go to Filter> Texture> Texturizer. The default Textures in Photoshop are Brick, Burlap, Canvas and Sandstone. There is a fly-out button on the right side of the Texture menu that allows you to load your own Custom Textures. Simply navigate to the folder of Custom Textures and choose the one that works best with your image. The Texturizer Filter allows you to adjust the size of your Texture between 50-200%, adjust the contrast and adjust the direction of the Light Source. It also has an option to invert the image from positive to reverse. I suggest always starting with 50%, 2 Relief with Light coming from the Top Left. Increase size and Relief to taste. Click Invert to see if it looks better to you in that mode. You can use Fade to lessen the effect and/or change the Blending Mode settings for extra effects. This is what makes the Texturizer Filter more versatile than pasting textured images over your images. These textures can be loaded at any time when in the Texture Filter interface and work great with several of my Framing, Illustration and Sketch Actions that utilize textures in the workflow. These Custom textures can also be used with the Conte Crayon, Rough Pastels, Under Painting and Glass Filters. See details on purchasing my Custom Textures below. You can buy the complete set of 25 Textures for $14.95 Download MW Custom Textures Instruction PDF for printing Examples of images with Textures View complete 25-PieceTexture Set-01 Download link provided immediately. MW-004 - MikeDubU

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